I have recently entered the “writing” phase of my life. Organizing thoughts and ideas on a page is a decadent indulgence for me, though I still treat it like dessert—only allowing myself to dive into it once other obligations are off my plate. Occasionally, you can find one of the eight rug-rats which call me Nana running through a story. But most often, my articles, devotions, chapters, and narratives are written to highlight one of God’s many Old Testament names.

I love this stage of life. But that doesn’t mean my days are guilt-free, stress-free monuments of perfection. They slide into something “messy” far too easily. Perhaps that is why my last decade has been filled with a study of God’s names. They push me to cling to His character and promises in all the ups and downs of each week.

I occasionally lead women’s Bible studies on these names of God, as well as other topics, one being The Isaiah Experiment (written in 2010). You will find recent anthology chapters, articles, awards, and current projects under the published writings tab.

My husband and I lead two families. One is our dear biological tribe, which seems to grow by the second, including five households and eight grandkids all within a fifteen minute drive. Our second family is our beloved church community group, which can sometimes rival our own kids in craziness.

I’m a native desert rat from Arizona, holding a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and a master’s degree from the University of Hawaii. Check out what I’m working on now.